Take Exit Hijiribashi-guchi of JR Ochanomizu station, or Exit B2 of Shin-ochanomizu station of Chiyoda Line, Tokyo Metro.

You will see the "sola city" building and go straight to there.

There is the down escalator in front of the "sola city" building.

Take the escalator to the lower level.

There is a food mall and you will find a convenience store as a picture.

Go straight at the side of the convenience store in the direction of an arrow on the picture.

Cross over the pedestrian overpass toward the another building.

You will see the building "WATERRAS" at the end of the pedestrian overpass.

Enter the building "WATERRAS". The picture shows the entrance.

Enter and go through the Cafeteria " Terrace 8890" and you will see the conference room at the right end.