Hitotsubashi Conference on International Trade & FDI 2021
December 11-12, 2021
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Hitotsubashi Conference on International Trade & FDI 2021 Program

JST: Japan Standard Time   CST: Central Standad Time  CET: Central European Time

 December 11  (Saturday)   (CST,CET: December 10-11)
JST 9:20-9:30 Opening remarks
  Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University)
CST 18:20-18:30
CET 1:20-1:30
Chair : Kensuke Teshima (Hitotsubashi University)
JST 9:30-10:20 Ana Cecilia Fieler (Yale University)

  O-Ring Production Networks
 (with Banu Demir, Daniel Xu and Kelly Kaili Yang)
CST 18:30-19:20
CET 1:30-2:20
B r e a k
JST 10:40-11:30 Hiro Kasahara (University of British Columbia)

  Nonparametric Identification of Production Function, Total Factor Productivity, and Markup from Revenue Data
 (with Yoichi Sugita)
CST 19:40-20:30
CET 2:40-3:30
B r e a k
Chair : Yoichi Sugita (Hitotsubashi University)
JST 11:50-12:40 Yusuke Kuroishi(Hitotsubashi University)

  The Value of Trademarks: Micro Evidence from Chinese Exports to Africa
CST 20:50-21:40
CET 3:50-4:40
L u n c h
JST 14:10-15:00 Kiminori Matsuyama (Northwestern University)

  Selection and Sorting of Heterogeneous Firms Through the Procompetitive Effect
 (with Philip Ushchev)
CST 23:10-0:00
CET 6:10-7:00
B r e a k
Chair : Eiichi Tomiura (Hitotsubashi University)
JST 15:20-16:10 Haitao Cheng (Hitotsubashi University)

  Assessing Carbon Emissions Embodied in International Trade based on Shared Responsibility
 (with Palizha Airebule and Jota Ishikawa)
CST 0:20-1:10
CET 7:20-8:10
B r e a k
JST 16:30-17:20 Richard Baldwin (The Graduate Institute, Geneva )

  Telemigration and development: On the offshorability of teleworkable jobs
 (with Jonathan I. Dingel)
CST 1:30-2:20
CET 8:30-9:20
JST 17:50- R e c e p t i o n

 December 12  (Sunday)   (CST,CET: December 11)
Chair : Taiji Furusawa (University of Tokyo)
JST 9:20-10:10 Cheng Chen (Clemson University)

  Multinationals and Structural Transformation
 (with Vanessa Alviarez, Nitya Pandalai-Nayar, Liliana Varela, Kei-Mu Yi and Hongyong Zhang)
CST 18:20-19:10
CET 1:20-2:10
B r e a k
JST 10:30-11:20 Jee-Hyeong Park (Seoul National University)

  Multi-brand Firms and Brand Acquisition: Impact of Trade Liberalization on Reallocation of Brand Equity
 (with Meeryung La)
CST 19:30-20:20
CET 2:30-3:20
B r e a k
JST 11:40-12:30 Konstantin Kucheryavyy (University of Tokyo)

  A Tractable Model of Trade with Flexible Cost Structure
 (with Ruo Shangguan )
CST 20:40-21:30
CET 3:40-4:30
JST 12:30-12:40 Closing remarks
  Eiichi Tomiura (Hitotsubashi University)
CST 21:30-21:40
CET 4:30-4:40

Hitotsubashi Conference on International Trade & FDI 2021
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